Mecalux launches the new Clasimat vertical storage system


Mecalux continues to offer logistics solutions that combine maximum use of storage space and process computerisation. Their latest initiative is the CLASIMAT vertical storage system. This new system, consisting of a structure in which product entry and exit are automated thanks to a shuttle (or extracting and lifting mechanism), will initially be available in Spain, Mexico, France and Poland, and later throughout the world.

CLASIMAT is a completely computerised system, perfect for any type of company that needs large storage capacity and has sufficient height. It is especially useful for intermediate assembly line storage.

Simple, completely automated functioning
The CLASIMAT system applies the "product-to-man" principle, both optimising routing and saving time: unnecessary displacements are eliminated and the operator does not have to move. In addition, the system allows constant stock and movement control.

The way the system works is simple: the operator selects the desired product on the screen and, automatically, the shuttle moves vertically to the level where it is located, extracts the corresponding tray and takes it to the picking station or exit table. Advantages of the system include more efficient computer management of the warehouse, space savings, since total height is used, and time savings, as operators do not have to move from their stations to prepare an order, nor do they have to make any unnecessary efforts or movements that could harm them. The goods are moved with greater safety as well, as possible breakage from falls is avoided.