Mecalux takes a giant step in technology to make downloading Easy WMS® on-line software a whole lot easier


Mecalux takes a giant step in technology to make it easier to download its warehouse management software, Easy WMS®, from its website, available at the beginning of April. This software version was created with the aim of being an even more accessible storage solution for any kind of company. This version is easy to use, quick to install, and much more affordable. Companies can enhance their storage performance as installing this software mean their overall warehouse efficiency can improve up to 50%, at the least. To do so, Mecalux has taken onboard the latest technology to pave a way towards expanding their business. Created, developed, and registered entirely by MECALUX at its Technological Center in Gijón and R+D Department in Barcelona, its high quality, guaranteed performance and technical standards are backed by leading companies. Mecalux is both an Oracle and Microsoft Gold Partner, not to mention a SAP Certified Partner. What’s more, the software is certified for Windows 7. Such references convert Easy WMS® as guaranteed warehouse management software boasting the highest technical quality in the business.

Self-installed version, just like any other downloaded on-line program.
The self-installed version is downloaded directly from in just a few minutes. You only have to follow the installation instructions in a procedure very similar to other widely-distributed programs. Easy WMS® offers companies a simple and agile solution to manage their warehouses. With such a purpose in mind, the software was designed to provide warehouses with the highest level of performance and the shortest investment of time as possible to install the system’s, without a need for special technicians.

At the cutting edge of storage systems
Mecalux stands at forefront of the storage system revolution. By developing Easy WMS®, Mecalux positions itself as the first company to launch a warehouse management system of these characteristics, which is to say, one that enables users to download the program from the Internet. On the other hand, Mecalux is now the undisputed leader in Spain in the sale of warehouse management software, largely thanks to Easy WMS®. Since its unveiling in mid-2009 in the 16 countries where the company operates, it has been implemented more than 200 times, a number MECALUX aims to multiply by five. The plan for 2010 is to surpass the 1000-installation threshold.

Standard warehouse management software
With Easy WMS® software, the entire flow of products in a warehouse can be controlled in real time, or in other words, unbeatable stock management and ongoing inventory is well within grasp, a fundamental factor in business strategy and staying ahead of the competition. The versatility of Easy WMS® makes it adaptable to any type of business regardless of its size, sector or specific needs, converting it into the standard software recommended for any company.

Mecalux considers Easy WMS® as its top product, so it has set out on a full-press campaign worldwide, taking part in several sector shows such as SIMO 2009 (Madrid), CeBIT 2010 (Hannover), SITL 2010 (París) and NA 2010 (Chicago), presenting the product on an international scale.