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  • Conveyor system for pallets

    Set of elements designed for transporting, accumulating and/or distributing goods to specific positions required by the logistics operations.

  • Cantilever racks on mobile bases

    In order to increase the capacity of the space available, the Cantilever system may be placed on mobile bases.

  • Modular safety enclosures

    Perimeter protection system, fully modular and designed to meet all quality and safety standards.

  • Pallet Shuttle

    This is a high-density pallet storage system making it easier to load and unload goods thanks to an electric carriage.

  • Live pallet racking

    This is an ideal system for warehouses of perishable goods, although it can also be used in any industry or distribution business.

  • Movibloc mobile shelving

    It is a set of shelving units mounted upon mobile bases which move along rails.

  • Special projects

    Mecalux studies, develops and installs any customised storage system.

  • Shelving M3

    Basic system of manual storage and archiving for light and medium loads.

  • Conveyors systems for boxes

    The distances within an installation can be covered by different transport devices, which are combined with requirements of functionality and frequency.

  • Automatic trilateral stacker crane

    The automatic trilateral stacker crane is a fast an economical way to automate warehouses.

  • Mobile pallet racking Movirack

    With the Movirack system, shelving units become more compact and their storage capacity considerably increased. All this without giving up direct access to any item in stock.

  • Live storage for picking

    Racking for live picking is made up of slightly inclined platforms of wheels and roller, which guarantee an optimal entry and exit of goods.

  • Metal lockers

    Mecalux lockers embrace a new concept in compact, aesthetic design that can suit any type of environment: dressing rooms, offices, schools, etc.

  • Conventional pallet racking

    The most universal system for direct and single access to each pallet.

  • Longspan M7

    Storage system for manual picking of products following the “man-to-product” principle.

  • Stacker cranes for boxes

    Automated warehouse boxes or trays storage system that integrate shelving, machinery and warehouse management software all in one.

  • Warehouse management software Easy WMS

    Easy WMS is warehouse management software aimed at businesses of any size and with diverse sectors of activity as it can be used in any company: from a small company with a conventional warehouse to the logistics control of an airport.

  • Light duty cantilever racks

    It is specially designed to store long items or items of varying length.

  • Medium and heavy duty cantilever racks

    Cantilever racking is specially designed to store long items or items of varying length. It is specifically designed to store long loads such as beams, profiles, pipes and timber.

  • Drive-in pallet racking

    This system is base on the storage by accumulation principle, which enables the highest use of available space in terms of both area and height.

  • Consultancy services

    Before embarking on a renovation or installation of a storage system, it is essential to study and analyse the needs and possibilities of the company.

  • Stacker cranes for pallets

    Machines designed for the automated storage of materials. They travel along the aisles of the warehouse, where they enter, position and extract materials.

  • Mezzanine floors

    Take maximum advantage of the height of premises, doubling or tripling the surface area.

  • Push-back pallet racking

    An accumulative storage system that allows up to four pallets deep to be stored per level.

  • Simplos shelving

    An excellent storage solution for medium and light loads.

  • Clad-rack warehouses

    Major works of engineering in which the racking itself forms part of the construction of the building.

  • Metal Point shelving boltless system

    They adapt to a multitude of uses and applications of your warehouse, office, house….

  • Slotted-angle shelving

    Storage system for light goods. A simple and economic solution for a wide range of uses.

  • Racking and shelving

    Metal racks for all types of storage: pallets, boxes, containers or other systems.

  • Automated warehouses

    Automated solutions for managing and optimizing the storage, preparation and dispatch of goods.

  • Picking

    Shelves designed to store individual boxes or single products. Ideal systems for goods which are stored or retrieved manually.

  • Warehouse software

    Easy WMS is a warehouse management software totally customizable for any business.

  • Consulting

    Mecalux studies the needs of its customers and their product flows to determine the most appropriate storage solutions.

  • Warehouse solutions

    Optimise your warehouse with quality storage solutions including industrial shelving, racking, automated warehouses and warehouse management software.

  • Automated warehouses for boxes

    Automatic storage systems for boxes or trays integrating the shelves, machinery and warehouse management software into one single product. Improved efficiency thanks to the “product to man” concept, avoiding the operator having to move around.

  • Automated warehouses for pallets

    Automated solutions for the reception, storage and outbound operations of palletized items. This improves the speed and safety of the storage procedure.

  • Pallet racking

    Pallets are shelved using carts or lifts. Palletization can be done in two different ways: with direct access to each pallet or by compacting.

  • Cantilever racking

    Designed to store long or variable length items such as metal beams, pipes, moulding, wooden boards, metal and plastic sheeting, etc.

  • Other systems

    Storage solutions for goods or special situations that adapt to the individual volume, weight or shape requirements. Custom-made to meet the need of the customer.

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