alinea will open a new warehouse in France with capacity for 80,000 pallets

30 Nov 2018

The growth of alinea, a well-known French furnishing and decor business, has spurred the company to build a new large-sized warehouse in Nanteuil-le-Haudouin (north of Paris). Mecalux will equip it with pallet racks and M3 shelving for picking, the latter being installation on the mezzanine allotted for products sold online.

Currently, alinea runs more than 21 shops, including four franchises, spread all over France, where it sells the more than 15,000 SKUs it works with (52% are furniture and 48% home decor items).

The new warehouse, which fills a 73,000 m2 area, will be divided into 10 ‘cells’ and house 81,444 pallets of 800 x 1,200 mm with a maximum unitary weight of 800 kg held in 11 m high pallet racks with 5 or 6 levels of storage. This system offers the potential of storing many different items and gives direct access to each one, fundamental for a company like alinea that carries a huge selection of decorative goods and furnishings. M3 light-duty shelving will also be supplied for the mezzanine floors located above the docks. Here, small-sized items will be hand-picked, for purchases off the online shop.

The new alinea warehouse in France

30 years and beyond with alinea decoration

alinea is a decor company created in Aviñón in 1989, an affiliate of Holdinéa. Currently, it owns and operates 31 shops (including four franchises) in France and an online store for internet shoppers. From its beginnings, the company has been a trendsetter in home design and beautification items. Both daring and inspirational, alinea is a brand that boldly interweaves timeless design and today's à la mode pieces.