Pallet Shuttle system for food products

21 Nov 2018

Beneo Orafti Chile, ingredient supplier to the food industry (mainly inulin and oligofructose), will set up a new semi-automatic Pallet Shuttle system in its Pemuco warehouse (Chile). This solution means the company will have access to a 4,200-pallet storage capacity, and will also be prepared for seismic activity.

Mecalux will install a 9 m high, 32 m long block of racks, with four storage shelves. Each channel will deep store 30 pallets. The Pallet Shuttles will be set into the channels and take charge of introducing and extracting the pallets. Operators will use a tablet connected to a wireless network to direct the shuttles’ operations.

Pallet Shuttle system in the  Beneo Orafti Chile distribution centre

Chile is located on the Pacific Rim’s ‘Ring of Fire’, one of most seismically-prone areas on earth. To deal with this situation, the Mecalux technical team must comply with the NCh 2369 standard, a Chilean regulation that establishes what requirements must be verified and fulfilled for the steel structures to prevent rack collapses when tremors occur.

Rony Bertuzzi - Supply Chain Manager
“With this semi-automatic system, we hope to handle our company’s growth, by increasing capacity, maintaining our high standards on quality and heightening the occupational care of our workers. All this, while handling fewer pallets and minimising operational times related to storage processes and picking our products.”

Better nutrition from better ingredients

Beneo Orafti Chile supplies chicory root nutritional ingredients. These are used, above all, in the foods industry to make soft drinks, baby food, breakfast cereals, soups, sauces and livestock feed. The company is part of the Südzucker Group, one of the largest food makers in Europe and one which is currently present in more than 75 countries.