Two high-capacity warehouses for the e-commerce company CDiscount in France

12 Jun 2018

Cdiscount LogoMecalux will equip two new warehouses at the e-tailer Cdiscount with pallet racks in the French towns of Moissy-Cramayel and Saint-Mard. This storage system gives direct access to the products, meaning fast order picking will be an unmistakeable cinch.

The racks will stand 11 m high and fill most of the surface area of the two installations.

The Moissy-Cramayel warehouse will cash in on the 90,416-pallet storage capacity. Meanwhile, the one in Saint-Mard will enjoy the 29,334-pallet capacity for 800 x 1,200 mm sized bases. Through these twin warehouses, Cdiscount will get the capacity it needs to supply all its customers throughout Belgium.

Picking is the primary operation that will be carried out in both warehouses. Operators will move around the warehouse following the instructions of Easy WMS locating the SKUs that will fill each order.


About Cdiscount

Founded in France in 1999, Cdiscount is one of the largest e-commerce companies in its home country, serving more than 16 million customers and carrying more than 114,000 SKUs. Its business model is based on offering a broad, appealing range of products and distributing them at the best price. In addition, its far-reaching distribution network does business in every corner of the country.