Efficient management of medications for Africa at Exphar

04 Feb 2019

Easy WMS will run operations at the Exphar warehouse in Belgium



Exphar, a Belgian medication manufacturer and distributor, will set up the Easy WMS from Mecalux in its 1,000 m2 warehouse located in Nivelles (Bélgica), in 2019.

The company, which has managed its stock, up till now, through its ERP, has decided to connect its ERP to Easy WMS from Mecalux to speed up its receptions, order preparation and dispatches.

Given that pharmaceutical products are vital to the health of thousands, tracking is crucial. Thus, Easy WMS will be a huge help in improving management of the medications’ warehouse locations.


About Exphar

Founded in Belgium in 1981, Exphar is a Belgian pharmaceuticals company that produces and distributes its medicines in all French and English-speaking African countries. The company has successfully adapted to the realities of this continent’s economics and healthcare to offer the highest-quality products at affordable prices. Its catalogue includes vitamins, antibiotics, analgesics, antimalarial and parasite treatments, among others.