Mecalux installs an advanced-technology Elevating Platform in Cáceres Galindo

14 Feb 2008

It is named TRB 4000/32 S and it is able to locate a load of 4Tn and 6.5m at 30m above the floor. This is the new elevating platform that Mecalux has installed in the new Grupo Cáceres Galindo warehouse. A very little conventional advanced-technology machine.

The new Cáceres Galindo facilities -a company dedicated to the selling of heater, plumbing, air-conditioned, gas and solar energy articles- are located in Cabanillas del Campo (Guadalajara). Its automated warehouse is in charge of making the maintenance of the more than 14,000 references that the company has in its catalogue.

The essential and main product in this silo is, without any doubt, the powerful elevating platform TRB 4000/32 S of straight service, a very little conventional modality that allows the accommodation of the load taking advantage of the rack depth. The equipment is 32m high and it works in a two racks aisle that houses platforms of 2.7 x 6.5m, a size much bigger than the conventional one and with a weight that can reach 4Tn. The location is done through a laser range-finder in the translation and elevation movements and with absolute encoders for the platform supply and picking system.

Due to the big size of the load units, the equipment is ready to complete maximum cycles of 16 platforms per hour, with a travelling speed of 80m/min and an elevation speed of 30m/min. Besides, warning speed, overload and end of tour detectors have been installed. The communication with those detectors is done by infrared through photocells.

Complete Installation
The recently opened headquarters of the Grupo Cáceres Galindo has a logistics platform consisting of different parts: a self-supporting and automated warehouse which houses the stock with three input or output places; an unloading dock for the reception of goods; six load docks for expeditions and six vertical cabinets for the preparation of orders. Moreover, the building has a light load shelving area and floor storage for the orders preparation too; a sublevel destined to the picking of the air conditioned range; and a two line, or pallet truck transport system that links the orders preparation area with the different load docks.

About Mecalux
MECALUX is one of the worldwide leaders in warehouse global solutions. Its main activity consists on the design, manufacturing and commercialisation of services related to metallic shelving, automated warehouses and other storage solutions. The Mecalux Group has 8 production plants in 6 countries, direct commercial presence in 16 countries, 3,100 professionals and revenues of 531.1 M Euros in 2006. Mecalux possesses a strategic position in the development of automated storage technology and its implementation in all the markets where it operates.