Planetpharma will build a second automated miniload warehouse in France 

08 May 2018

The pharmaceuticals giant Planetpharma will fit out its distribution centre in Le Grand-Quevilly (France) with a new automated miniload warehouse. In 2006, Mecalux already installed an automated warehouse for boxes in the same centre. With this expansion, the company will increase its storage capacity to tackle rising sales over the last few years.

This new installation will comprise a single aisle with double-depth racks running down both sides that will house 2,112 boxes. A stacker crane will carry out storage tasks automatically, inserting and extracting boxes from their assigned locations.

A U-shaped picking station will be enabled in the frontal part of the warehouse where orders will be prepared according to the product-to-person principle. In addition, a transfer car for boxes will link the picking stations of the two warehouses, which in turn will speed up the whole flow of goods.



About Planetpharma

Planetpharma is a French subsidiary of the Ubipharm group, who specialises in the import and export of pharmaceutical products. The company will be the go-between for the laboratories and their customers in Africa and other overseas territories. Plus, it currently carries out the storage and distribution of medications of more than 80 laboratories to 20 African countries and three of these overseas territories.