Easy WMS will manage the new Visteon automated warehouse in Portugal

25 Jan 2019

The Portuguese Visteon subsidiary, a supplier to the automotive industry, just purchased an automated warehouse managed through the Easy WMS by Mecalux. The warehouse will have three aisles lined with double-deep racking on each side. Overall, the solution will offer a storage capacity for more than 2,500 pallets.

Easy WMS will manage the operations in  the new Visteon automated warehouse

The warehouse will feature three receiving stations: two of them automatic and one manual. In terms of the automatic stations, the stock will be slotted into the warehouse using automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

One of Easy WMS’s jobs will be to supply ‘slave pallets’ to the receiving stations. Received containers will be set on these pallet bases to guarantee load strength and stability inside the warehouse.

When it is time to leave the warehouse, slave pallets are then separated from the container in the output station and kept on standby until needed again for new loads.

In Ford’s footsteps

The Visteon international business group makes components for the automotive industry. Emerging from a Ford group division, it has 200 factories distributed worldwide. Its headquarters is in the State of Michigan and it distributes its products to Ford, Renault/Nissan, Mazda, Daimler-Mercedes and Honda, among other major automotive industry players globally. Last year the group made 3.15 billion dollars.