Picked and packed: top efficiency at the Kontiki logistics centre

17 Apr 2018

kontikiKontiki will reorganise its logistics centre in Dardilly, a French township in metropolitan Lyon, through the help of Mecalux. The project will include pallet racks, conveyors for boxes and the Easy WMS warehouse management system. The objective of this restructuring is to max out picking speeds, the main operation of this warehouse.


The pallet racks will be 7 m high and, overall, will provide a storage capacity of 1,712 different sized pallets. Operators will crisscross the warehouse picking directly off pallets on the lower rack levels, as per the instructions of the Easy WMS by Mecalux.

A 16 m long conveyor circuit placed on one side of the warehouse will move the boxed, finished orders automatically to the dispatch area. Once there, the order will be verified for completeness and weight. The SKUs will be located based on an A, B and C criterion, optimising operator’s movements. With fewer movements and quicker picking thanks to the Easy WMS, Kontiki hopes to increase its warehouse’s productivity by at least 20%.

About Kontiki

Founded in France in 1994, Kontiki is a company that develops and sells paper products, scented candles, toys, key-rings, bags or decor items. It carries more than 15 different brands like Plus-Plus, Heart and Home, Mani, History and Heraldry, Kimmidoll Collection and Keel Toys. The company does brand-specific marketing and has an extensive product catalogue for customers of all ages.